Mexitube Alemania assists at AMVEC congress 2019

The AMVEC, the Mexican association of veterinarians specializing in swine, has celebrated its 53rd annual congress in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco state. The professional team of Mexitube Alemania assisted at the congress with an informative booth to attend their customers and friends.

The AMVEC congress proved one more time to be the most important national event regarding swine health and production. It enjoyed a record assistance of 2300 participants.

This year's congress was held for the honour of Dr. Alfredo Becerra because of his long dedication to the area of porcine health and production. May years of his professional work were dedicated to the company PROAN where he is still active as a veterinarian. ln one of the pictures, Dr. Becerra can be seen in company of Dr. Gloria Gonzalez and Dr. Hector Téllez of Mexitube.

At the congress, Mexitube presented three new members of their technical team to the industry: industrial engineer Dulce Calderón, veterinarian Elizabeth Campos and agriculture zootechnist engineer Jahir Juárez.

A Minitube comemora 50 anos de inovação
A Minitube comemora 50 anos de inovação