Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Minitüb has a corporate culture that is committed to upholding personal responsibility, mutual respect, and trust. In all its worldwide operations, Minitüb works according to the legal requirements and regulations of the governing authorities to guarantee long term and sustainable success. Every employee must observe all laws and regulations which are relevant within the framework of Minitüb operations.

To ensure exemplary behavior in all its business operations, Minitüb has a code of conduct which is obligatory for all regional and corporate divisions. Respect, tolerance, honesty and openness towards colleagues and customers combined with the willingness to assume social responsibility, form the foundation of the code of conduct. The guidelines apply to all employees, regardless of rank or corporate division.

The essential elements of the code of conduct are the observance of human rights, equal opportunity, and transparency of business operations. A clear position against discrimination, bribery and corruption must at all times be evident.

The complete Code of Conduct can be downloaded here:


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