Minitube seminars in Ukraine

Minitube seminars in Ukraine

A very successful seminar on Porcine reproduction was held on February 22, 2018 in hotel Bratislava in Kiev. The event was attended by more than 80 specialists from all parts of Ukraine.

Dr. Rachel O’Higgins joined team at Minitube Australia

Having recruited Dr. Rachel O´Higgins (BVMS MRCVS), Minitube Australia has succeeded in gaining another experienced specialist for their team.

Frau Fauth-Herkner (Mitte) mit Mitarbeitern und Geschäftsleitung der Minitüb GmbH

Minitube - one of the top 30 most family-friendly companies

Minitube is one of three Lower Bavarian companies that have qualified for the finals of the competition, "Successful Family Friendly".


"There is nothing good, unless you do it"

True to the motto of Erich Kästner, a famous German writer, the management of Minitube called again the employees in the pre-Christmas time, to participate in the selection of aid organizations, which should be supported by a donation.The Simmet family, owner of Minitube, provided 10,000 euros. The employees were allowed to decide in a survey, which aid organizations should be supported.

Research Award for Equine Reproductive Medicine

Research Award for Equine Reproductive Medicine – Ceremony 2018

On 20 January 2018, Minitube awarded the Research Award for Equine Reproductive Medicine for the eighth time in the framework of the ICERM (International Congress on Equine Reproductive Medicine) at the Veterinary Congress in Leipzig.

Focused on the whole region: Foundation of Minitube Middle East

The new year starts with a new organisational structure: From 01/01/2018 on, all Minitube business in the Middle East will be handled by Minitube Middle East which will be operationally run by the team of our representative in the Emirates "German Standard Group" from their office in Dubai.

Seminar "Different Visions over the same Reality" in Buenos Aires

The seminar “Different Vision over the same Reality” on 17 November 2017, organized in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Biotay/Phibro and Minitüb, was the first event for Bull Semen Production in Latin America aimed at driving forward exchanges of views in the semen production, between bull station members and university professors from different countries.

Treinamentos em reprodução canina

Treinamentos em reprodução canina

Nos dias 26 e 27 de outubro de 2017 a Minitube realizou dois treinamentos em reprodução canina com a Profa Dra Marilu Gioso (Gioso Reprodução Animal) e o Médico Veterinário/Consultor técnico comercial Márcio Nunes (Minitub do Brasil Ltda).

Bovine Embryo Transfer Course

Bovine Embryo Transfer Course - Register now!

From October 22-25, 2018, Minitube offers a comprehensive course in Bovine Embryo Transfer at the IFN Schönow (close to Berlin, Germany). Register now for the early-bird rate!

Treinamento em Transferência de Embriões Equinos

Treinamento em Transferência de Embriões Equinos

Nos dias 8, 9 e 10 de setembro de 2017, na cabanha do Parque em Canela/RS, a Minitube realizou outra edição do treinamento em Transferência de Embriões em equinos para médicos veterinários e estudantes.

Re-certificação bem sucedida: auditoria confirma as normas GMP para a unidade de produção de diluentes da Minitüb